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The Genesee County Fire Department is also known as The Genesee County Sheriff Department Paramedic Program. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, the Sheriff Department opened the program as an effort to a problem that was observed by community leaders. The average ambulance at that time was staffed by a driver and an attendant who had 16 hours of first aid training. These ambulances offered little more than a ride to the hospital.

As a solution, The Flint Fire Department began training several Firefighters as paramedics and in 1978. They had had funded basic ambulance service to the County for some time. The Genesee County Sheriff Department was the recipient of a federal grant that was funded through the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning to begin a special unit of Highway Safety Paramedics. Initially, there was 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant, and 14 deputies. During their first full year of operation, they answered about 100 medical calls per month that required advanced life support. Currently the Sheriff Paramedic Section employs one secretary, 41 Deputies, 6 sergeants, 1 lieutenant, and 1captain. Call volumes average about 15, 000 medical calls and 4000 police calls yearly.

Contact information:

Flint Fire Department
310 E Fifth St .,
Flint , MI 48503
Phone: 810-762-7336
Fax: 810-762-7340

Genesee Charter Twp. Central Fire Dept.
7248 N Genesee Rd. ,
Genesee , MI 48437


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